The Approach

Therapeutically modulating undruggable proteins through monovalent small molecules
Generian is leveraging a proprietary, high-throughput discovery platform that enables the identification of small molecules that can target previously undruggable proteins. We are focused on compounds that directly bind to the target and can modulate protein stability, acting as molecular stabilizers or degraders. 
Illustration of human cells

Built on Biology

As our bodies age, our cells no longer function as they should. The activity of naturally protective signaling networks decreases, impacting cells’ ability to sense and respond to disturbances in nutrient levels, exert quality control, regulate gene expression, modify protein activity, and perform key biological functions. This contributes to the development of a number of chronic diseases. 

Discovery Process

The Generian drug discovery engine enables rapid and scalable target discovery through the use of proprietary tools and assays and facilitates the identification of small molecules for therapeutically relevant target proteins including E3 ligases, transcription factors and membrane receptors.

Lab technician injecting liquid into a microtiter plate

Generian is building a pipeline backed by validated science and has identified key targets essential to cellular function.